Toronto E-Scooter Network to endorse council candidates who support legalizing E-Scooters

Toronto is the only major city in Canada that has banned E-Scooters

June 30, 2022 – Toronto – The Toronto E-Scooter Network is launching a process to decide which Toronto City Council candidates to endorse in this fall’s municipal election.

“We will be sending incumbent councillors and registered candidates a questionnaire about where they stand on legalizing e-scooters in Toronto,” said Andy Kim, President of the Toronto E-Scooter Network. “Based on what they say will endorse the candidates who support making e-scooter legal.”

“Legalising e-scooters will reduce emissions and traffic and promote road safety in Toronto,” continued Kim. “They are also a convenient, affordable and fun way to get around. With higher gas prices we see more and more interest in e-scooters in Toronto. It’s too bad that city council has taken such a regressive approach.”

Toronto is the only major city in Canada that has banned e-scooters. Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Mississauga have all successfully managed to incorporate e-scooters into their transportation mix.

The Toronto E-Scooter Network is a rapidly growing grassroots association of over 1,000 Torontonians fighting to make e-scooters legal within the city of Toronto.