Let's make e-scooters legal in Toronto

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No. 01

The problem

The Toronto E-Scooter Network is a grassroots group dedicated to using e-scooters in Toronto. Right now e-scooters are banned. That means job number one is getting city council to legalize them.

The Problem

On May 5th, 2021 every member of Toronto City Council voted not to allow e-scooters in Toronto. That means if you use one for fun, to get to school or to deliver food, you are breaking the rules. We need to change this - by growing our network we can persuade city councillors to change their minds and allow electric scooters in Toronto.

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Illegal in Toronto

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If you use, or want to use, an e-scooter and live in Toronto we need you! Joining the network is free and you become part of a movement that supports e-scooter owners and users across our great city. Sign up for free and join our actions to change the rules and make e-scooters legal in Toronto.

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We are a group of e-scooter riders from across our city who want to be able to ride legally. We believe e-scooters are great because they are fun to use, safe, make it easy to get around, are cheap to operate and are good for the environment.

Our president is Andy Kim, from Scarborough.

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Candidates we endorse

On October 24th, vote for the e-scooter friendly candidates in your ward.

Toronto elects a new city council this fall. This is the best chance we’ll ever have to make e-scooters legal in Toronto. The 2022 Toronto municipal election is scheduled to be held on Monday, October 24, 2022.

In the lead up to the election we will be endorsing e-scooter friendly candidates. Check back often and make sure you vote to make e-scooters legal on October 24th.

Latest endorsement

Dianne Saxe
Ward 11 - University-Rosedale