Vote for Anthony Internicola in Ward 22 -Scarborough-Agincourt

Toronto elects a new city council this fall. This is the best chance we’ll ever have to make e-scooters legal in Toronto. The 2022 Toronto municipal election is scheduled to be held on Monday, October 24, 2022.

Anthony Internicola

Ward 22 -Scarborough-Agincourt

Q1: Do you believe that increasing electric micro-mobility use in Toronto will can help reduce carbon emissions, help Toronto meet its climate goals, and reduce traffic and car use?

A1: Yes, I do believe that we will reduce carbon by introducing more mobility electric products because it will reduce traffic. It’s the modern product for transportation, Plus it’s more economic, eco-friendly: saving on fuels and combustibles, expensive vehicle parts if replacements are needed, easier to operate and more convenient to park and store, licensing requirements for scooters are cheaper and more simple to do.

Q2: Do you support legalizing the use of e-scooters in the City of Toronto based on rules in other major Canadian cities including sensible safety measures?

A2: Yes, definitely, because they are allowed and legal around the world and other cities across Canada, but not Toronto. There are lots of benefits of owning a scooter, Such as they’re Eco-friendly: Scooters are extremely fuel-efficient when compared to your average car or truck, Saving Money, Parking Made Easy, Make Commutes More Fun, Towing in a cinch, and you might make a friend along the way!

Q3: Shared and rental e-scooters include many additional safety features including speed limiters and GPS locking to prevent riding in forbidden areas. These services have been very successful in other Canadian cities and in Europe. Do you support allowing shared and rental e-scooter services in the City of Toronto?

A3. Yes, I do support in rental of E scooters services in busy cities like our great Toronto, because, for example, if you’re taking the TTC instead of you taking your car and being stuck in traffic, you may exit the TTC and have the option of renting an e-scooter, and it would take you to your destination in a shorter amount of time instead of being stuck in traffic ‘bumper-to-bumper’ with a motor vehicle.

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